We have a selection of available Surefire products available, please contact us via email for any enquiries and stock availability.


There is a variety of spare parts to keep your Glock pistol performance at its best, but we also offer official Glock merchandise and accessories to compliment your pistol.

If you require assistance with your Glock pistol or just want to compliment your gear with official merchandise and accessories contact us now for general enquiries, availability and pricing.

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The Inertia Squib Hammer is a vital tool to have with your range gear whether you are an avid shooter, range official or instructor.

The design and materials utilised in the manufacturing process will assist in the safe removal of an obstruction in your pistol barrel with peace of mind that your pistol barrel and rifling will be safeguarded from damage.


Not only do we supply and support the Glock, Vickers and Surefire products, we also have a selection of products that we have developed or been involved in developing.


We specially formulated and engineered a gun lubricant like no other, offering superb adhesion while still being viscous enough to properly lubricate your handgun, rifle or shotgun.

Throughout the development and testing we found that this lubricant has all-round characteristics suitable for manual or semi-automatic action firearms.